Luke Douglas

Iraq – U.S. Army

Like a piece of metal going into the fire, it is weak and brittle, but after-wards you can mold it and then it later becomes steel. That is the story of me. I went into Iraq as a piece of metal, weak in faith, family, and friendship. The cooling off period became an abundance of alcohol filled nights, angry cursing matches with God, numbed feelings, and several suicidal thoughts.

Then came Point Man Ministries of Newburgh and it taught me how to feel again. The men and woman of this group showed me brotherly love that I have not felt since my time in the service. I started to feel again, started to become alive again, and most importantly found a purpose in life. As a disabled veteran it is hard to find daily purpose, but through the help of Point Man I was able to do just that. Like metal I became stronger in my faith in God, family, and bond with fellow veterans and although I still have my weak spots, I can now say that the bonds I have forged within this group has made me into a piece of steel.

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