Point Man OEF/OIF


Point Man of Newburgh is a local nonprofit 501(c)(3), faith-based organization.  We are affiliated with Point Man International Ministries. Point Man is comprised of local Veterans, their family members, and those passionate about our mission and vision.


To provide safe refuge for tri-state area Veterans and their family members where they can give and receive support in the form of comradery, mentoring, spiritual healing, and financial assistance. 


That our Veterans and their family members make the transition to civilian life without judgement, regardless of age, gender, race, or life circumstances and they find faith through servant leadership and service to others.


Point Man of Newburgh is led by servant leaders who focus on three primary strategies:

  • Providing Direct Support to Veterans and their families.
  • Seeking Community Partners to share and optimize our efforts.
  • Fund Raising to support Direct Support initiatives.