Point Man OEF/OIF


Point Man OIF/OEF desires veterans to realize that they are not alone after returning from a combat zone.

We are a group of veterans that sought help for ourselves and better lives for us and our families, and now wish to assist other veterans. We have come to realize that healing occurs by helping others in their time of need. We wish to see veterans active within our community and assisting other veterans to overcome the stigma associated with combat veterans and Post Traumatic Stress to live better lives.


To assist veterans in their transition home after serving tours of combat duty. Point Man members know firsthand what it is like to be outcast and alienated by friends and often family and want to help others learn how to help strengthen these relationships.

Point Man

Point Man has helped many veterans in the Tri-State area. We continuously strive to strengthen and grow our efforts  to reach more veterans and spread awareness.

Point Man OIF/OEF is branching out from Point Man Newburgh in an effort to better suit the needs of our younger veterans who are especially balancing budding careers as well as often growing busy families. We will assist veterans with individual and group support, as well as refer resources for family support (Homefront).