Tyler Siddons

Afghanistan – U.S. Army

Point Man Ministries of Newburgh has helped me in many ways. It has given me the confidence to talk to others and not be in fear of what they will think. It has also given me the opportunity to spend time with others who share the same feelings as I do and it lets me… Read more »

Mike Wilson

Iraq – U.S. Marine Corps

In March of 2008 I returned from a combat tour in the Anbar Province of Iraq. Almost immediately I felt out of place, but I carried on with what I thought everyone around me expected me to do. Things were suddenly more complicated, even while the world around me seemed to have a much slower… Read more »

Luke Douglas

Iraq – U.S. Army

Like a piece of metal going into the fire, it is weak and brittle, but after-wards you can mold it and then it later becomes steel. That is the story of me. I went into Iraq as a piece of metal, weak in faith, family, and friendship. The cooling off period became an abundance of… Read more »