These courses are 12-weeks in length. They are healing courses, not support groups, providing practical help for those individuals dealing with the aftereffects of traumatic events. 

The courses are open to service members and their families, first responders, and others who feel they might benefit from a Christ-centered approach to healing from traumatic events they have encountered.

We organize courses for women and courses for men. Course materials and refreshments are provided. Please click on the link to register:

Check our events calendar for the dates and locations of scheduled Reboot courses.

Vet Court

The Court closely monitors justice-involved veterans to ensure accountability for criminal behavior while providing support and resources.

Veterans Court is a community effort of the Court, Prosecution, Defense, Department of Veteran Affairs, community corrections, local law enforcement, community treatment professionals, trained Veteran Mentors in Vanderburgh County.

Veterans Court ranges from 12 to 18 months.

Program participants work hard. They are required to get a job, meet regularly with their parole officer, show up for drug testing, attend counseling sessions, and more.

The potential dismissal of charges and fresh start are not gifts.

These Veterans work hard to get their lives in order.

The Vet Court teaches that compassion, honesty, commitment, measured consequences for mistakes, and hard work will lead to the Veterans renewed trust in others and self-respect.

Veterans who have walked common paths, can provide encouragement or an ear to the Vet Court participants.

Please consider becoming a Mentor.